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The tobacco and smoke shop industry here in East Haven, CT has grown and changed in many ways over the last decade.

While traditional retail models have slowly begun to fail in adopting new business strategies, the owners and suppliers have been bemoaning the decline of sales. It is true that there has been a smaller space in the market for these businesses, but that doesn’t mean it has disappeared completely. The modern smoke shop enthusiast is much more interested in products such as flavored hookah tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaping, as well as traditional tobacco and tobacco-related products. And while the traditionalists among smokers may prefer their mainstay brands, they’re ready to try new flavored tobacco as well. Our business model effectively encompasses both markets, allowing smoke shop owners in East Haven, CT to keep up with modern smoking trends without giving up the traditional mainstays.

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  • Amazing selection. Quality products. And great prices. It's a smoke shop unlike anything I've been in before. The staff is amazing and knowledgeable a... Read More

  • Great customer service! It’s a one stop shop. They have everything you need. Great prices. Finally a good smoke shop in East Haven.

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